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Benefit From Leadership Development Program

Do you put your entire leadership team through your Leadership Development Program? It is a common practice. However you might want to consider a different approach, because this is not the use of the most powerful of your leadership development budget. And that could undermine the effectiveness of your program.

Leadership development program that is not a panacea. Some people benefit, and change, very large. Others can finish the program in exactly the same form as they started it. As the owner of a portfolio of leadership development, how do you know who would be a good investment of development dollars?

Three types of participants
There tend to be three types of participants in learning forums: Volunteers, vacation, and conscription. Volunteers who are there because they want to be; they really want to learn. Vacation there because it sounded like fun and they do not want to miss the experience with their colleagues. Conscription there because they have to - whether they have been asked (or told) to participate by someone senior, or they've decided not to participate would make them look bad.

Personal changes uncomfortable. If your leadership development programs do not cause discomfort, it does not do its job. The leader who is a good investment, growth in value over convenience. Vacationing usually will participate with enthusiasm ... .until starting to get uncomfortable, at which point they pulled back to the surface of participation. They will go through the motions, but remains light and shallow. Conscription tend to participate either minimal, or disruptively. Well this is very helpful for the culture and study groups.

A consistent message
To get the best bang for your leadership money, you need to start the process well before Day 1 of any program. There needs to be a serious and profound commitment from the top, including the willingness to manage the performance of leaders who are not willing to lead well. There should be clear communication and often that leadership is well appreciated, and this needs to be reflected in the KPI and reward systems.

Leaders who are good 'hit number' but who burns people along the way is very important. If they choose not to participate, and are allowed to continue to ignore their leadership skills, your message broadcast is an important leadership unless you hit your number, in this case, it is optional.

Always, the type of leader who left a trail of destruction as they attract consumers of others' territory, build a culture of fear and love that failed to develop with anyone outside of their in-group, or contribute anything to the organization more broadly while their colleagues do all the heavy lifting. These people have a disproportionate impact on the credibility of the message that leadership is important. If the leadership is really important, they must either carry, shift of the leadership team, or managed exit. It takes courage to do this, but it sends a very strong message one way or the other, about the confidence you need good leadership.

Filling your program
On the eve of the leadership program commencing, ideally participants are invited (not ordered) to participate. If the leader declines, which need to be discussed. Maybe there is a good reason they are not able to join in at that time. Or they may feel that they do not need. If the belief is justified, it is worth to influence them to participate as a good role model for their peers, and also become part of the new culture that will be formed. A good leader will know the value of a good role model and team culture. They should not take too much convincing.

If confidence is misguided leaders, which need to be addressed by their managers before the program begins. To include such leaders, is to allow Conscript to the program. Their agenda will sabotage, either overtly or covertly. Leadership development programs should not be used as a performance management tool. That's a job for senior leaders in the organization.

After the invitation has been accepted the invitation to the program, one-on-one meeting should take place between the facilitator and potential participants. This serves two functions: to build a trusting relationship between them, and to assess together whether the invitation is likely to benefit from this program. Good facilitator will be able to ensure this and discuss it openly with the invitation. At this point, some leaders can draw. It then should be discussed with their manager and addressed if necessary. Other leaders may insist that they want to participate, despite showing all the signs of Vacationer or Conscript. It is very important that the facilitator was given a final decision on whether these leaders participated. This conversation, and the possibility of exclusion from the program, sometimes it can be the beginning of the trip leader development is too confident.

Conscript enables Vacationer or to participate in a leadership program which means worse than a waste of money. This will reduce the learning for others. While not excluding people this may mean that those most in need, do not participate, then highlight the challenges that need to be addressed: what to do with leaders who need improvement but are not willing to do the work to improve. This often happens one of four ways:
  • They were allowed to continue as they are, and this weakens the message about the importance of good leadership.
  • Their disinterest discussed with senior leaders, who bring about change are sincere, and they decided to willingly participate in future programs.
  • Cultural leadership team began to change around them, including the other leaders calling them 'on the problematic behavior. They slowly open up to different cultures in which they find themselves and decide they want to participate. This result is less likely if the organization is turning a blind eye to poor leadership.
  • They managed to get out.

This is why there needs to be a deep commitment from the top. This requires a planned approach, committed involvement of senior leaders, and integration with other processes. The good news is, it results in a change of behavior and a real culture. It also produces people lined up to participate in your leadership program.
Benefit From Leadership Development Program
Benefit From Leadership Development Program

Benefits of Leadership Development Program #2

Why be part of the Leadership Development Program when you can go straight to the 'real work'? You can see the graduation at the next light. This is the day you have been working towards for years. Excitement builds as you prepare for the next phase of your life. You are ready to get to work and start making good money instead of just getting by. It would be great!

But what if it is not? What if the 'perfect' job that you have been waiting for you do not call your life? What if you do not like it at all - no responsibility, the people, the location? Obviously, it's not the start you had planned.

While this does not happen often, it can and does happen. And it's not your fault. In fact, there probably is not anyone's fault. So how do you minimize the risk? Is there a way to 'test drive' your career before settling in on the street? With the Leadership Development Program there. At Owens Corning we offer three separate and distinct Development Program was created to help new employees make a significant contribution while continuing to seek out their professional calling. You can participate in multiple and varying tasks before to settle in 'one'. While each company will run their course is different, the overall objectives and benefits of the program is similar.

Owens Corning Development Program consists of the following elements:
  • Science and Technology Development Program - Designed to advance degreed graduates with a desire to bring science and innovation together to create something new for the world. A program that involves three tasks a year in three distinctly different businesses.
  • Operations Development Program - A two-year program is focused on manufacturing excellence and training for advancement. This task in one of many of our manufacturing sites throughout North America that allows employees to directly experience the basics of production.
  • Engineering Development Program - A one-year program in which you are contributing in our manufacturing operations by providing technical support on several tasks while building the technical skills and leadership.

Whatever you choose, Development Program enables you to start your career while giving you extra time to decide what career path you'll actually. And regardless of which program you choose, you will be guided and trained by an experienced professional level and senior, giving you the best chance of success.

Each program is structured to allow employees the opportunity to contribute through work or projects defined beginning and end, allowing a cleaner transition. Many times the work is part of a larger program, but efforts remain technically unique and designed for growth and value creation. Add to this the opportunity to network with senior leaders and you have created a personal value and the potential future opportunities that may be suitable for you.

At the end of the program, employees can enjoy the benefits of superior individuals that go directly to the selection of their professional career.
  1. You have significant business exposure in global organizations.
  2. You have been challenged with meaningful work, while being mentored and guided by senior leadership and technical staff.
  3. Your contributions make a difference in the basic program for the core business.
  4. Your personal high exposure while networking with top-level management.
  5. You are now much better prepared to decide what you will do with the rest of your professional career.

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