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Biblical Qualifications for Political Leadership

"The Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom He pleases." Daniel 4:32

Character is important in every area of life. This is the basis of the decision-making of all kinds. It determines what type of relationship we have, and with whom. This is the basis of trust and respect on the one hand, or manipulation and humiliation on the other. Biblical Leadership Characteristics.

This is true in politics as elsewhere. History is filled with examples of men and women in various capacities within the government which characters low has led in some cases to horror (Stalin, Hitler, Mao) or graft simple (both sides at every level of government can boast many such examples) ,

Then there are those that pride, vanity, materialism, and self involvement has led to authoritarianism, contempt for the law, and studied ignorance of important issues. They rule by dint of unwarranted confidence in their own wisdom, personalize any dispute, and infuse every event in which they participate with outsized sense of themselves. Biblical Leadership Traits.

The Bible talks about the importance of character in all respects, including those we leave our controls. Here is a list, distilled from the verses noted below, of what should be good or not there anyone in authority in the country-perhaps most notably a handful entrusted with great powers, especially the United States president. Leadership Qualities In The Bible.

Fear of God: The knowledge that we are all accountable to the highest authorities encourage good behavior and prevent errors. Fear of God in humility and acknowledgment of his own mortality and finiteness, the antithesis of pride and self vauntedness found in all too many current and aspiring politicians. Godly Leadership Qualities.

Wisdom: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom," wrote Solomon (Proverbs 1: 7). We make a wise choice based, foundationally, in recognition that obedience to God-far the wisest of all creatures is always the best course to pursue.

Honesty: "Any person who will steal for me to steal from me," Theodore Roosevelt is reported to have said when, as a shepherd, he fired a cowboy tries to put on a brand TR steer neighbors. Dishonesty may start small, but the waterfall if unchecked, lead to anything from theft and unreliable for debauchery and murder. Bible Verses About Leadership Qualities.

Fidelity: Loyalty to one's wife is a prerequisite for mastering the ancient Israelites. The collapse of the first Jewish state since no small degree to the lifestyle of kings' immoral, they set the example, and the judgment of God that followed. Keep in mind also, that a leader who will lie will lie his partner his country. We saw that happen in 1998, and with it comes the social and political upheavals, not to mention moral harm our nation's youth. A leader who boasts of sexual exploitation should give all Americans a big concern. Godly Leadership Principles.

Avoid greed and power-hungry: The love of money is the root of all evil, says the Apostle Paul (1 Timothy 6:10), and love of power is the root like no other. Both idols. Those who pursue them become enslaved to them, due to a false god, and not be allowed to lead others. In addition, when greed and power becomes an obsession, taking care of those in need and responsibility to the people who are set to be lost in the mists of pride and disinterest. Biblical Leadership Styles.

Commitment to justice: It's more than good private charity or government redistribution. This is about treating all persons as equal worth before God and, therefore, legal. This means ignoring social status or personal wealth as a means of privileging some and reduce others. Appreciate good through maintaining order and punish freedom, proportionate and fair, offenders is an important function of the government and those who lead it. Leadership Bible Study Guide

Helping the poor and needy: The state constitution gives the federal government we have a warrant to take personal resources from some and redistribute to others. Helping those in need is best done by those closest to them, the government of the church, charities, state and local. American political leaders should not act as a king who distribute goodies to rely, mass panic.

The political leadership is not eternal. They held it did so only for the time that is given vapor (James 4:14). And utter sovereignty of God that is unmatched by small effort from anyone to dethrone him, whether it's business as conscious or not.

God of the Bible is eternal and universal King and Lord of all the earth, actually. There is no man or woman is a replacement for him. Here are some parts of the Word of God that teaches us how He thinks people will strut into the political level, more busy with themselves than they want to lead:

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against anointed, saying, He who sits in the heavens laughs "Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us."; The Lord holds them in derision. (Psalm 2: 1-4)

Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are accounted as dust on the scales; behold, [God] take the coastal areas such as fine dust. Lebanon will not suffice for fuel, nor the beasts enough for a burnt offering. All nations are as nothing before him, they are accounted by him as less than nothing and emptiness. , , , It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in; That brings the prince nothing, and makes the rulers of the earth as emptiness. Nearly which they are grown, almost sprinkled, almost holding their own roots in the earth, when he blows on them, and they wither, and the whirlwind takes them away as stubble. (Isaiah 40: 15-17, 22-24)

Only men and women of character necessary to apply for any position in the public service. As a caucus, primary and, in the end, the choice fell all draw ever closer, Christians must-be-remembered it. Biblical Qualifications for Political Leadership
Biblical Qualifications for Political Leadership
Biblical Qualifications for Political Leadership
For further study, see Exodus 18:21; Deuteronomy 01:13, 17: 14-20; I Samuel 8: 1-21; II Samuel 23: 3; II Chronicles 26: 16-18; Psalm 72: 2, 12-14; Proverbs 8: 15-16, 20: 8, 29: 4; Isaiah 9: 7, 11: 1-5; and Matthew 20:25.

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