Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Leadership Conference 2015 Workshop Details

Delegates will have the opportunity to attend three of the bottom four workshops.

1. Advancing Your Career in the Student Movement - Denise Leander (Deputy Chief Executive, King's College London Student Union) and Yemi Gbajobi (Chief Executive, City University London Students' Union) - Location: Cocktail Lounge (first floor).

There is a lack of ethnic diversity in the student movement, especially among the staff. This is compounded by the fact that many of the staff of Black and officers face barriers to career advancement and unsure of what the 'next steps' they should. This workshop will begin to address this problem by providing guidance and space for honest conversation about how the staff Black and officers can advance their career in the student movement.
In this session, participants will:
  • Consider possible career paths in the student movement.
  • Discuss obstacles to progress.
  • Develop strategies and receive guidance on career advancement in students movement.
2. Conflict Resilience - Sukhi Kainth (NUS Project Manager - Campus Cohesion, Faith and Belief) - Location: Arundel 1 (floor 2).

This workshop will explore the conflict, by addressing how the conflict affects the relationship and impact on the dynamics of power. This will allow participants to explore their own identity in conflict situations and look at the strategies and tackle tips to help manage conflict better, with the understanding that the conflict can be a positive force in creating change.

In this session, participants will:
  • Develop their understanding to be tough in situations of conflict.
  • Explore their own identity in conflict situations.
  • Identify what external factors influence the conflict
3. How to successfully mobilize Black students in the election - Malia Bouattia (NUS Black Students Officer) - Location: Ballroom (1st floor).

While we have made a lot of steps to increase the number of Black students elected as officers, we still have a long way to go before the needs of Black students who truly represent and reflected on all levels SU. This is often due to a failure to get away from tokenism, towards cultural change States and dismantle structural barriers faced by Black students in their roles.

In this session, participants will:
  • The importance of the Black representation in elections.
  • Discuss obstacles to mobilize Black student in union elections.
  • Explore the strategies and discuss examples of how unions have increased officer Black representations and sustainable

4. Understand and Develop Your Identity Leader - Mandeep Rupra - Daine (NUS Equality & Diversity Consultant) - Location: Waverley (ground floor).

This workshop will explore the importance of the Black leaders recognize and accept themselves as leaders, by understanding and creating the identity of a good leader is authentic, accessible and founded on the values and objectives.

In this session, participants will:
  • Recognizing the need to develop the identity of the nominee.
  • Explore the fundamental values for themselves as leaders.
  • Consider the purpose of their leadership.
  • To be more clear about the identity of their own leaders.

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