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Leadership and Management

Theories on Leadership Management

Leadership and management can have the same quality, but it does not always happen. Leadership is about standing out, while management largely bureaucratic in nature. It need not be mutually exclusive. Some theories of leadership, however, made it clear that leadership is not management, and managers are not leaders but only a position of authority bureaucracy.

Trait Theory
The main approach that distinguishes the manager of the leaders has been called a "great man" theory or, equivalently, the "nature" theory. In this case, leadership is something innate; it is an innate desire to control, to accept responsibility and even seek glory through leadership. Such people are born risk takers and refuse to live a life of mediocrity.

Behavioral Theory
This philosophy is largely identified with the leadership and management showed that leaders are made, not born. Context of this kind of leadership can be the nature of the task, in one of educated people better in one area than another, or that the person chosen to lead the popular and people are willing to follow his direction. Most approaches that use behavioral model assumes a participatory approach to management, where workers and others who were brought to the important decisions, although this is not always the case.

Transactional Theory
Transactional approach to management explaining when rewards used to motivate the team. The main problem is of interest, which can refer to managers and workers, as they both look good and appreciated if the task goes according to plan. Instead, use punishment when team members do not complete the tasks set by the manager. This is the simplest, least bureaucratic approach to management.

The Theory of Transformational
This is the opposite of transactional management, and it is a true leadership role in that it does not depend on the bureaucracy but on the personal presence of the leader. This model seeks to motivate those under authority. For example, managers raise awareness about the importance of the task at hand and inspired his team to succeed. This theory seeks, most of all, to go beyond self-interest and form a tightly integrated team together to perform a task.
Compare And Contrast Leadership And Management
Compare And Contrast Leadership And Management
The Theory of Charismatic
The charismatic approach is leadership in the sense that the most powerful and is one of the few models that do not require a functioning bureaucratic apparatus. Charismatic leadership is a radical form of transformational leadership - people follow love or respect to the leader. Rewards and interests is rejected here, and the task is completed because of the presence of charismatic motivate others to work for the greater good.

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